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Android Truck Routing
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Truck Routing on your Smartphone or Tablet! Now available for both Android and iPhone!

Pennies a day for unlimited truck routes and navigation, stay safe with SmartTruckRoute

WorldNav Truck Routing and Loads for Android Smartphone
WorldNav Truck Routing and Loads for Android Smartphone
WorldNav Truck Routing and Loads for Android Smartphone

Reviewers Choice. Smart Truck Route Subscription for Android
"5 Stars Reviewers' Choice Award ! "


Click here for product video

Use your phone to scan the QR code above 
 to go directly to the app on Google Play.


Live Truck Routes on your Android Smartphone or Tablet!

Free to download and view map, paid subscription for routing. For the most up to date pricing, download the app, click on subscription, and you will see the available plans. All plans are very inexpensive, starting at a few pennies per day.

Commercial drivers can now navigate with confidence knowing that the routes follow roads that are suitable for truck travel and rely on the specialized routing as the software takes into account commercial truck restrictions such as bridge heights and clearances, load limits, one-way road designations, sharp turns, and allowances. SmartTruckRoute will help avoid costly tickets and keep you safe.

SmartTruckRoute is powered by WorldNav, pioneers in truck routing for portable GPS. 
Navigate big rigs with the convenience of using your phone!
Offers the latest truck specific maps and routes.
Provides turn-by-turn instructions.
See surrounding traffic, free service.
Navigate in Street or Satellite View.
Use your phone's built-in speaker to say your destination address.
* Talk while navigating.
Set Route Preferences for the most economical routing.
Enter truck dimensions, weight and Hazmat level if desired.
* Navigation does not interrupt other functions of the phone.
* Free Updates

The navigation routing defaults on the following truck specifications:
Height: 136
Length: 53
Width : 86
Weight: 80,000 Lbs

Coming soon, the application will allow access to load board information to provide location based loads availability along a route or in a specific area.

The help menu for the Android app is located here:  http://www.smarttruckroute.com/FAQ.html

To learn about cost effective fully featured portable truck navigation GPS models available in 4, 5, and 7 screen sizes please visit:

Thank you for considering SmartTruckRoute powered by WorldNav for your Android Smartphone!

Email app@smarttruckroute.com for assistance.


Visit www.smarttruckroute.com for more details.

    SmartTruckRoute Vehicle Tracking (per vehicle) - 3 Year Android license
Mfr Part #: 8019

    SmartTruckRoute Vehicle Tracking (per vehicle) - 1 Month Android license
Mfr Part #: 8029

WorldNav Truck GPS Featured by Boston NPR and Boston Channel 5 ABC News

WorldNav Truck GPS manufactured by Boston based TeleType Company, was featured on NPR
WBUR Radio Boston and Boston Channel 5 ABC News.

Channel 5 Boston ABC News features WorldNav Truck GPS WBUR Radio Boston Features WorldNav Truck GPS
See the TV Segment Hear the Radio Show  (advance to 17 minutes)

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