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 Satellite Tracker v2.0 - $1295
 Mfr Part # 1417


Satellite based tracking allowing worldwide coverage.

The new Satellite Tracker mounts easily to your vehicle and provides tracking coverage throughout the world on water, in the air, or on land.

The base station software is fully under your control so you do not need to visit (and therefore) pay for access to anyone's website to track your vehicles. You can use the maps that TeleType provides or you can import your own maps.

The TeleType GPS Satellite Tracker also offers a unique option - the ability to use any Windows CE (or 2000/XP) computer as a navigation and communications terminal for the driver.

Click HERE to see a sample screenshot of a tracking route.

  • Java programmable!
  • Eight general purpose I/O ports!
  • Geo-fencing feature included within software
  • Mounts easlily in your car
  • Remotely programmable for stand alone operations
  • Remote configuration and polling
  • RS-232 Interface for External controller or Message units
  • Extra battery slot and self contained small external antenna allows mobile operation
  • Street maps are available for Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Europe, US (puchased seperately)


In The Box

  1. TeleType GPS Satellite Tracker v2.0
  2. TeleType Tracking Software
  3. Street maps of the entire U.S. (Europe or other country maps may be substituted)
  4. SatelliteTracker v2.0 12v Power Cable


TeleType GPS
Satellite Tracker™ Specifications
  Size: Main Module + Battery Pack: 112 mm x 173 mm x 41 mm
Antenna: 112 mm x 37 mm (diameter x height)

Shipping weight(module + antenna): 930g
Main Module: 370g
Antenna (incl. 5m cable): 340g

Non-rechargeable battery pack: 225 g
Rechargeable battery pack: 315g

  Enclosure: Material: Bayblend FR110
    Color: Coconut
  Connectors: Antenna: SMA
Battery: Spring loaded, sealed contact
Data/Control/Power: 25 way D type plug
  Control & Monitoring: Interface: Asynchronous serial RS232 or RS485
Baud Rate: 9600 bps
Parity: N,8,1


  Operating Temperature: -25o to +70o C
  Storage Temperature: Antenna: -40o to +85o C
  Humidity: < 95% @ +40C
  Vibration: 5-20Hz: 1.92m 2 s -3 random noise
20-500Hz: -3dB octave random noise
  Shock: Half Sine 6ms, 300 m/s2

Ingress Protection Rating Main module:

IP66 (when interface connector appropriately mated)

  G/T: >-25dB/K at EL = 30º

< 9dBW
0dBW @ EL = 30º
0dBW @ EL = 30º


  Input voltage range: 9.6V to 30V 'smoothed' DC
  Power consumption: Idle: 0.5mW
Receive (incl. GPS): 2.4W
Transmit: 8.7W
  Battery Pack (not included): Type: Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
Capacity: 1.2 Ah
Storage Temperature: -20C to +35C


  Frequency: Rx: 1525.0 MHz to 1559.0 MHz
Tx: 1626.5 MHz to 1660.5 MHz
GPS: 1575.42 ± 1.0 MHz
  Sensitivity: >-25db/K
  EIRP 0db W to +9dbW
  Elevation Angle Range: 30 to 90 degrees
  Modulation: Forward Channel:
32-ary FS, 20 bps
    Reverse Channel:
Half-rate convolutional (k=7)
  Operation: Global and Spot beams
  Reverse Channel Messages: Acknowledgement, Long Burst
  Reverse Channel Message Length: Long Burst-64 bits
  Forward Channel Message: Tone, Numeric, Alphanumeric,
and Transparent
  Forward Channel Message Length: Numeric: up to 32 digits,
Alphanumeric: up to 128

Transparent: up to 250 bytes


  Channels: 12 Parallel
  Aquisition Rate:
Hot Start: < 8 sec., average
Cold Start: < 45 sec., average
  Update Rate: 1s
  Accuracy (SA off): 4m
  Altitude: Maximum 18000m
  Velocity: Maximum 515m/s
  Acceleration: <4g

Data Interfaces

  Analog Input: 12 bit ADC, 0V - 2.5V
4-20mA loop
  Analog Output: 0V-2.5V (into high Z)
  Digital Input: TTL compatible
  Digital Output: TTL compatible (50uA max drive capability)
  Solar Panel Digital Input: Maximum Voltage: 30V
Maximum Current: 0.5A

satellite tracker v2.0
More Information
  Additional Information : Click here to view additional information More Info
  Airtime Rates: details
  Payment Authorization: details

Available Maps  

  Street Maps
(purchased separately):
Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Europe, US, Australia

sample Reports 

  Waypoint Reports: Click here to view a sample waypoint report

* Specifications are subject to be changed without notice.*


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Satellite Tracker v2.0 - $1295
  Quantity in Basket: None
Mfr Part # 1417
Price: $1,295.00
Shipping Weight: 7.00 pounds

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