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 WorldNav 5300 Truck GPS 5" HD Screen Web Special Price Plus FREE Case
 Mfr Part # 530060
WorldNav 5300 High Resolution Truck GPS


WorldNav 5300 - High Resolution 5" Truck GPS Plus FREE Leather Case


The new WorldNav 5300 Truck GPS is the latest model in the popular WorldNav 5" Truck GPS series. The 5300 offers a high resolution touch screen. This WorldNav model supports Truck Routing for professional commercial drivers, bus drivers, and RV'ers. Insures that routes will follow roads that are suitable for truck travel, and yet the commercial driver can rely on the routing as it takes into account commercial truck restrictions such as bridge heights and clearances, load limits, one-way road designations, and allowances. Easily configure the software to any size and weight vehicle for appropriate routing. Including semi-trucks, construction vehicles, and oversized vehicles. Typical truck configuration would be 13'6'' height, 80,000 lb weight, and 53' length. Easily change the specifications to suit your truck including oversized and overweight vehicles.

The WorldNav's "Know Before You Go" technology checks the entire route before you start your trip. If you need to make a change, WorldNav automatically checks the route again to insure that you avoid truck restricted areas and low bridges.

Truck Navigation Brochure

  • High Resolution 5" Touch Screen Portable GPS
  • Sleek Design - Thin & Lightweight
  • Truck Restriction Routing insures you travel on permitted roads only.
  • Avoids Low Bridges - Avoid costly tickets, avoid tolls, navigate unfamiliar territory efficiently, saving time and gas.
  • Any Size Truck & Weight
  • Hazmat - select your load class from 1-9
  • Oversize Routing - routing by permit using import function
  • RV mode - allows recreational vehicle drivers to easily create routes suitable for RV travel.
  • Import Routes - import GPX routes (for off road travel, fixed route travel such as fixed bus routes, fixed oversize routes)
  • Lane Assist - know the lane for your next exit
  • Truck Stops, Weigh Stations and more
  • Voice directions - Pronounces street names in English or Spanish
    Example: In 2 miles, take Exit 23 to I-95 North
  • Touch Screen GPS - with U.S. and Canada maps pre-installed
  • Easy Updating - Maps and program are updated via memory card (no card required to operate navigation)
  • Most extensive POI database in the industry
  • 12+ million Points of Interest pre-loaded including truck stops and weigh stations
  • Waypoints - add unlimited number of your own waypoints.
  • FM Transmitter - hear the voice instructions loud and clear through
    your radio.

* Features are subject to be changed without notice.*
** Updates are provided on Micro SD cards allowing fast and easy installation. A prepaid self addressed return envelope is provided so that you can return the memory card after updating your GPS.


Learn all about WorldNav Truck GPS - click here for presentation.

WorldNav Truck Restriction Routing

Truck Restricted Roads appear in bright pink color on the map.
Truck Routes are created by avoiding the areas in pink.


Main Menu WorldNav 3100 GPS Portable NavigationSupports any size or weight vehicle. Select Hazmat if desired.


WorldNav Truck GPS Navigation Destination Screen
Allow or Avoid Toll Roads
Select Quickest, Shortest, Freeways

Main Menu WorldNav Truck GPS Portable Navigation Large button menu screens


WorldNav Truck GPS Navigation Destination Screen Easily set destination

WorldNav Truck GPS Navigation Find Menu Display Search by Address POI Intersection Favorites and more Speed Limit Warning


WorldNav Truck GPS easily switches from day to night mode. Compass Display

WorldNav Truck GPS Navigation POI DisplayFind Services along the way


WorldNav Truck GPS Navigation Trip InformationCreate Your Own Waypoints


WorldNav Truck GPS Navigation Keyboard DisplaySmart Search Technology for fast,
easy, accurate address searches.
WorldNav Truck GPS Navigation Automatic Street ResultsEasily pinpoint difficult addresses.


* Specifications are subject to be changed without notice.*

In The Box


  1. WorldNav 5300 GPS with Truck Routing maps pre-installed
  2. Suction Cup Mount
  3. 12v Power
  4. Options: Upgrades, Extended Warranty, Accessories



TeleType GPS WorldNav 5300

  CPU: Mstar MSB2531 800MHZ
  NAND Flash: 8GB Flash
  DDR: 256M DDR
  LCD: 5.0 inch TFT screen, resolution: 800 x 480 pixels
  Touch Screen: High precision touch screen
USB: USB Client 2.0,MINI USB interface
  Micro SD: Micro SD slot, supports Micro SD card (maximum 32GB)
  Antenna: Internal antenna
  Precision: Position < 10 meters / 32 ft
  Audio frequency: 1. 1.5 Watt Built-in Speaker
2. Hi-Fi stereo sound
3. 20mW@32ohm audio output
  FM Transmitter: Broadcasts GPS audio through vehicle speakers
  GPS: Cold boot:<42 seconds
Hot boot:<9 seconds (with unobstructed view of the sky)
Warm boot:<18 seconds
  Battery: Built-in high capacity Lithium back up battery (1200 mAh)
  Battery charging: DC 5V (use together with USB-in)
  Power Adaptor: 100/220V power adaptor, 5V/1.5A
  Car Charger: Converts 12V to 5V/1.5A
  LED status: Red light: Charging; Green light: Fully Charged
  Temperature: Working temperature:
0 °C - 60 °C (32°F - 140°F)
Storing temperature:
-20 °C - 60 °C (-4°F - 140°F)
  Weight: 184 grams / 7 oz
  Dimensions: 128 x 82 x 12 mm
5” x 3.2” x .47”
  System Platform: Microsoft Windows CE 6.0
  Navigation software location: Internal flash memory

* Specifications are subject to be changed without notice.*



  1. The GPS device includes 1 year limited warranty against defects in hardware manufacturing.
  2. Accessories are warranted for 90 days.
  3. Program upgrades are free for 30 days, map upgrades are subject to charge.
  4. Returns: Within 30 days - 15% restock fee
  5. Extend the TeleType manufacturer's 1 year warranty. Choose an additional 1,2, or 3 year policy. The warranty extends the original manufacturer warranty over a longer period of time. Protect your investment now.
  6. Warranty details


Please visit our online documentation for

WorldNav Software User Manual

KML Import

5300 WorldNav Hardware Guide


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WorldNav 5300 Truck GPS 5" HD Screen Web Special Price Plus FREE Case
  Quantity in Basket: None
Mfr Part # 530060
Price: $179.00
Shipping Weight: 3.00 pounds

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