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There's a good chance your aircraft is already equipped with a GPS system of some kind. If so, the questions become;

·Why do I need a Pocket GPS?

You know better than anyone the importance of having safe, reliable back-up systems. A short circuit, power outage or malfunction could put you in a situation where you're flying blind. This is when having a pocket GPS suddenly becomes worth its weight in gold. Also, according to the what goes up must come down theory, eventually you will arrive someplace and having a tool that will guide you as reliably on land as it does in the sky can be very handy.

· Why should it be a TeleType?

First of all TeleType's founder and CEO is a private pilot himself so we personally understand precisely the issues you face. Secondly, only TeleType lets you customize your Pocket GPS to your specifications and needs. Finally, TeleType pioneered the use of pocket based computers in the air over 10 years ago, and has been in business over 20 years.

TeleType GPS Bluetooth Receiver

TeleType GPS Bluetooth Receiver 12 Channel - WAAS

TeleType offers pilots free plug-in allowing Nexrad radar weather images to be super imposed on GPS enabled maps for up to date weather conditions while flying. Details.

Use any form of cellular or satellite communications including the Globalstar tri-mode satellite phone in combination with the TeleType GPS Aviation package which includes NEXRAD radar weather plug-in.


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