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TeleType GPS Aviation Features

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TeleType GPS software for aviation navigation works on Pocket PCs, Tablets, and Laptops.

Brief Summary of Features:

  • GPS Moving Map Software
  • Flight Planner (both Pocket PC and Laptop)
  • U.S. (FAA & DAFIF) Aviation Maps
  • 14,000+ Airports Listed from FAA Database
  • Controlled Airspace
  • Navaids including Fixes, VORs, NDBs, etc.
  • Runway Information & Layouts
  • Radio Frequencies
  • EFIS/HSI display
  • E6B Flight Calculator
  • Weight and Balance
  • Man Made Obstructions
  • Closest airports quick display
  • Emergency Airports View
  • Terrain features such as rivers, lakes, parks
  • Vital statistics such as DTG, ALT, Speed
  • Victor Airways routing support
  • Approaches, Departures, true vector format
  • Computed Glidescope/VASI for any runway
  • GPS Altitude Correction
  • Water landings (seaports)
  • Turn Anticipation
  • Approach Plates - real-time position display
  • Low & High Altitude Airways
  • Support of aerial and topographic maps
  • Temporary Flight Restrictions
  • Altitude Relief Maps
  • Live Weather
  • Worldwide Airport Maps
  • Taxiway Maps

For complete details, refer to the User Manual.
TeleType GPS software for IFR and VFR pilots including general aviation pilots and commercial pilots.

  • General Aviators
  • Commercial Pilots
  • Military Pilots
  • Glider and Seaplane Pilots
  • Flight Examiners
  • Flight Instructors


"I am currently deployed aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt in support of OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom).... I use my TeleType GPS/Software daily while flying my missions as a back up to our out of date onboard system and it's lack of moving map. The situational awareness that the TeleType system creates is unmatchable."
-LT Curtis S Chance
1st LT, U.S. Navy Reserve

"I think it is the greatest mapping software on the market. Especially since it works so well in the airplane cockpit. Being a pilot, this makes my Pocket PC serve double duty in the air and on the ground." 
-Cyril B. Smith II, (C.F.I.)
Colorado Springs, CO


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