TeleType GPS

TeleType GPS now offers live NEXRAD weather images to be superimposed on your TeleType GPS maps for real-time weather. To take advantage of real-time weather maps you need a Pocket PC or laptop computer with a wireless modem and access to the Internet, and of course, TeleType GPS (software version 032003 or higher).

The weather maps can be used with TeleType GPS aviation, street, and marine maps.


Free 6 months of weather maps with purchase of our Aviation Software!

Live Weather maps are available in one year licenses. Click here to order.


TeleType can obtain up-to-date weather maps from over 150 NEXRAD radar stations spread throughout the US, including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Weather maps are also available from over 30 radar stations across nine major provinces in Canada.
Each weather map covers an approximate radius of 125 miles from the radar station. Weather maps can be used to plan a flight around upcoming storms.
TeleType GPS software allows you to load weather maps closest to the center of the screen, closest to your current position, or for all maps in view. You can load and view regular street maps while viewing weather maps 

For more information on using live weather maps with our software, please see our manual.