Wireless Rearview Camera

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Wireless High Resolution Rear View Camera for selected WorldNav 7" GPS Models(73/74/76/7650) Truck Routing GPS!


Goodbye camera wires! Finally, we are pleased to offer a high resolution wireless rear view camera for the WorldNav Truck GPS which allows you to see what is behind you for increased safety while backing up. You can easily carry the camera and receiver to any truck and trailer without the need to drag cables to the camera. This camera offers high resolution and works over 100 feet away from the receiver. The camera offers day and night modes. This high quality rearview camera features auto changing to infra-red in low light situations. It's easy to install and adjust to your preferences. Add this camera to your WorldNav 7" truck routing GPS and be safe in your truck as you reverse.

The Rear View camera and other accessories are warranted for 90 days.
Returns: Within 30 days - 15% restock fee

Video: VGA 640 * 480
Display transfer rate: 30 frames per second
Power Input: 12-24V DC
3.6mm lens with 92 degree angle of view
Size of camera: 5.5 * 6.5 * 4.3cm
Current consumption<=200mA
Operating temperature range is -4 t
Wireless Rear View Camera
Camera Receiver