WorldNav 7650 Truck GPS High Res 7"+ Rearview Camera

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WorldNav 7650 High Resolution Truck GPS + Rearview Camera. Know Before You Go! Save over $200.


The new WorldNav 7650 GPS Truck model supercedes the popular WorldNav 7300 series. The 7650 offers a high resolution touch screen equipped with Bluetooth and more. This WorldNav model supports Truck Routing for professional commercial drivers, bus drivers, and RV'ers. Insures that routes will follow roads that are suitable for truck travel, and yet the commercial driver can rely on the routing as it takes into account commercial truck restrictions such as bridge heights and clearances, load limits, one-way road designations, and allowances. Easily configure the software to any size and weight vehicle for appropriate routing. Including semi-trucks, construction vehicles, and oversized vehicles. Typical truck configuration would be 13'6'' height, 80,000 lb weight, and 53' length. Easily change the specifications to suit your truck including oversized and overweight vehicles. The WorldNav's "Know Before You Go" technology checks the entire route before you start your trip. If you need to make a change, WorldNav automatically checks the route again to insure that you avoid truck restricted areas and low bridges.


The GPS device includes a 1 year limited warranty against defects in hardware manufacturing.Accessories are warranted for 30 days. Program and map upgrades are subject to charge.Returns: Within 30 days - 15% restock feeExtend the TeleType manufacturer's 1 year warranty. Choose an additional 1,2, or 3 year policy. The warranty extends the original manufacturer warranty over a longer period of time. Protect your investment now.

1. The GPS device includes a 1 year limited warranty against defects in hardware manufacturing.
2. Accessories and memory card are warranted for 30 days. (memory card can be backed up on your PC)
3. Program upgrades are free for 30 days, map upgrades ar
Please visit our online documentation for
WorldNav Software User Manual
7650 Hardware User Manual
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Circumstance Spec
Size: 170*110*12.5mm
Working Temperature: -10C to +60C / 14F to +140F
Storage Temperature: -20C to +70C / 68F to +1

1. WorldNav 7650 GPS with Truck Routing maps pre-installed
2. Suction Cup Mount
3. 12v Power
4. AC Power
5. Rearview Camera (#2600) plus 100 foot AV extension cord